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Have you seen this week's Game of Thrones? I mean seriously have you seen it and can you sleep? Because I am 100% sure that it will be haunting my nightmares.

Melisandre's shadowbaby creeped me out in the books (yes, I am aware that I am weird for handling everything except Ramsay Bolton and Vagina Monsters in this series). I knew seeing it would either be lolarious or terrifying and apparently the GoT team went for option 2. *sobs* I was watching Davos' utter WTFTERROR face and being like "I LOVE YOU DAVOS HOLD ME" 

Although that horror almost almost blocked out the repulsiveness that is that Joffrey bedroom scene. And on that note I'm going to bring up something: in the books you get a couple glimpses of Joffrey being a damaged shell of a kid behind the atrocities and that was kind of what made him worse in the books but the show!Joff is just PSYCHOPATH. There is nothing redeeming ever anywhere about him and tbh somewhere in the depths of Hell there is the unholy trinity of mindless mayhem that is Gregor/Joff/Ramsay. But really, show? Did we need the extra reminder right after he had Sansa beaten in the throne room? No, we really needed to see him hold a crossbow on a hooker like a fucked up medieval record producer? Sigh.

The thing that annoyed me about Draco Malfoy was always how one note he is and it's like Joffrey is that same note just amped up to 11,000,000. I hope we don't have to wait to s4 for him to die.

And that healer girl best be a pseudonym for Jeyne Westerling. I mean they've done interviews talking about Jeyne and Robb this year so um, I'm guessing that is what this is? At least Jeyne Westerling was a noble even if an unsuitable one; if they have Robb marry some common girl I am breaking up with my love for show!Robb. Option one is understandably stupid and naive but the second is just fucking idiotic and makes me think Old Nan dropped him on his head as a kid. A lot. Otoh I'll have less sorrow about the Red Wedding if Show!Robb is really a completer fucking idiot so there's that.

OMG DID NATALIE DORMER PISS OFF THE COSTUMERS? WTF WAS THAT CTHULHU GOWN? IT WAS EATING HER SHOULDERS!!! But Margaery is awesome, she just needs to never wear that hideous thing again.

I love Daenerys. Always and forever. And I swear Xaro was not there when the 13 first walked up- like who the hell was he hiding behind cause I didn't see him at all. I need to rewatch that. He is quite cool though, and I love his swagger. Qarth looks kick ass and I can't wait to see inside it. And also Dany's wardrobe in Qarth. Want to see that too. Yes, I'm shallow. But you know that. .

That Littlefinger/Cat scene was perfect and tragic and awesome. Partly I am like "nuuuu don't trust hiiiiim!" and then kind of "oh for fuck's sake you owe him a hug it's not his fault Ned was a total dimwit." (Why yes, I loathe Ned Stark and tbh I can explain it to you but it would take all night). Hats off to both their actors though because watching them was just... wow. It was like watching siblings argue if you remember you're in Westeros where siblings having uncomfortably close relationships has ceased to be shocking. Like it was watching a couple who broke up ages ago and he lies constantly but he does love her still and she's like gtfo I'm having emotions and why do I still want to trust you because you suck and he's like Caaaaat just please--- and then everything just sucks forever because they live in Westeros, etc.  But I do wonder just wth he was going to do w/r/t the Arya situation if she was like "for sure let's do this!" and then he has to be like "Um well one out of two's not bad, right? "  ... actually I suspect he'd tell her the Lannisters had already killed Arya before he got back or something? Is she actually going to go with this idea...? I can't tell tbh. The show tends to wander off at the weirdest times. 

And also Tywin Lannister is awesome. Evil and demonic and terrifying and awesome. Lolforever at him knowing right off that Arya was a girl. Although considering Cersei's habit of running around in Jaime's clothes as a kid maybe that's why- which then makes it interesting about her memories of running around in Jaime's clothes and thinking no one knew. >.> Anyway Charles Dance can just be king of everything and it'll all work out right? He was Lord Vetinari too and that sometimes makes it weird to watch Tywin because in my head there's a Discworld crossover attempt and it's just... awkward. Vetinari would totes not approve of Tywin.

AND OMGHARRENHALL IS THE HAUNTED HOUSES TO END ALL HAUNTED HOUSES. The House on Haunted Hill and Rose Red are sobbing to themselves somewhere because they can never look that creepy.

And Arya's prayer list got longer and she is totally getting scarier by the episode. Yikes.

Joff having Sansa beaten was just... omg. Thank you, Tyrion. Nice note that it was Sandor who handed over his cloak- and yes I know that SanSan is creepy or whatever but I'm sorry tbh I think that a) he's shown more compassion to her than anyone except Tyrion and b)he has straight up saved her ass twice. I count that as positives and yes he's fucked up but who the hell isn't in Westeros? And is still breathing. Look who is on the throne and whyyyy has no one assassinated that freakshow yet? The show doesn't even make it plausible that he's going to survive a year tbh. SOMEONE would kill him. At least in the books I figured there was a chance he wouldn't get murdered right up until a specific scene early in book 3 when  I started wondering if Tywin wasn't going to arrange a hunting accident.

 I still love Bronn, tho. Lol'ed at the fact he was the one pointing out Joff needing to get laid- even if that idea then went to hell and worse.

But this episode is still the most stomach-turning. Like seriously can Joffrey die yet? UGH. And then the torture with rats and Harrenhall and effing SHADOWBABY. *Shudder* Never sleeping.


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