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Hunger Games movie blabbing )

In other news Grandpa turned 99 without incident. :) But he is getting weaker and his balance is off- though he can still outbrain you, recite Tennyson and Byron and fix your clock while you stand around looking ignorant. Oh and garden. My uncle was sighing because one of his friends is all "You can't let your father work in the yard! At his age!" And Uncle was like "... he's 99 years old, I think he has the right to do wtf ever he wants. And besides, YOU go tell him no. I'll bring the popcorn." Cause grandpa's response is/will be "Aw, shit. Get out of my way." And then you do, because trust me you don't want to have someone with 40 years of teaching high school (and who spent ww2 in the Pacific) to rip into you.

But grandpa is frustrated because his hands are too shaky to do any fine wire work or carving, and of course the fainting/dizzy moments happen and that pisses him off too.

OMG. So his basement is The Cave of Wonders, and he brought out a bunch of them. Including a pair of lamps he found somewhere in India in 1944, which he handed off to me. They're these awesome carved wood things so yey? Then he produced HIS father's college notebooks. Dated Spring term of 1906 and 1904. OMFG. That was trippy, and it made me ashamed of myself because my great-grandfather had KILLER penmanship, and his notes look so awesome. Mine look like a half-literate 5-year-old got loose with ink. o__O And he was using a pen you dipped. I don't even know.

THEN came Grandpa's maternal grandma's (so my... um... great-great grandmother?) elementary school math book, and then his paternal grandma's book of Medicine (that one copyright 1886).

I amused myself for a whole afternoon flipping through the Medicine book- it's for home-made "cures" and treatments for a whole slew of illnesses (some of them I have NO IDEA what they are in modern speak) and then recipes for the syrups, poultices, injections, etc. And then some recipes for food because why not? I think this thing is 1886 Google. I love the recipes for food too but I have a feeling it would take serious trial and error trying to figure out how to cook them in today's ovens because while the ingredient measurements are decipherable the cooking instructions are like "place in a warm oven" or "a hot oven" until it is "baked." >.> Hokay. Also I learned that chloroform should only be administered for asthma attacks by a professional. So, just in case you're at home giving yourself chloroform, stop that.

Great-Grandma's book of arithmetic was also upsetting. I think this roughly translates to 3rd grade-ish? Anyway they had formulas and questions in there I couldn't answer. o___O Granted, I suck at math to start with but I'm upset that my great-great grandparents probably knew more of it in elementary than I did in High School. Yeesh.

But Grandpa got out his college woodworking notebook and that was awesome. Yes, woodworking in college. I don't know, it was 1938?

For reference, on this side of my family: grandpa was born in 1913 and his dad was born sometime in the 1880s, and his grandparents were all older so they were born in general 1860s-50's. That whole string of them all somehow avoided having kids until 30-ish except for the one cousin over there who got pregnant at 13 (in 1900s) and they just didn't talk about her.

My mother tried to explain Game of Thrones to grand-pa. THAT was interesting. He did not see the point of it "One of those stories like grandma used to watch" (referring to my grandma who passed away years ago). Which... I guess? Only lots of sex and violence added. And twincest. Mom left out the twincest, although considering the contents of Grandpa's 'English Theater from Beowulf to Shakespeare' coursework I don't see why she bothered. Grandpa was the one who introduce me to the play 'Tis Pity She's a Whore- and the entire plotline of that is about brother/sister incest and it was first performed in like the 1630's. If you haven't heard of it, it's worth a read-through.

Anyway, he doesn't like Criminal Minds either. He prefers NCIS, Mentalist and RFDTV's Polka Hour. x____x I may have German ancestry but oh god don't make me polka. *cries*

He's also annoyed because the one news station he liked now has some new announcer who talks too fast and Grandpa's like "What is this shit? They don't teach anything in schools these days! Enunciate!" So he just watches sports, and bitches about the president/politics. I find it kind of fascinating when he tees off on politics cause he will rant and be like "back in the 30's it was this other thing..."

Anyway, it was fun. I had hella bad asthma attacks though so I didn't get to be as social with the fam as I wanted to but oh well.


Mar. 13th, 2012 12:32 pm
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Health issues persist. By which I mean asthma sucks.

I'm trying to get the hang of dreamwidth, because LJ is just intent on being obnoxious now but it's like LJ is the longtime bff I just can't give up on because we've been hanging out for so long (ten years! OMFG HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??!). :(

Begging hubs for Game of Thrones on DVD. I'd probably be more successful but I'm still wanting this dress at VS and I can't decide which one I want to have more right this second... prolly GoT cause if the working out gets back on track after this last run of ohgoddyinglungs then the dress won't fit in a month. lol
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I also am 100% sure my mother's fixation on all things Egyptian, especially their mythology and mysticism has something to do with why I ever saw this, but I only remember that I did see it. Cause I remember James Mason as the Demon and the little boy and his cat being sad about being stuck here for 4,000 years.

Children's television needs more riddling demons and cranky ancient gods. I'm just saying.
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What is Dance Moms? It's this stupid reality tv show wherein a loudmouth dance teacher deals with her very talented pupils and teaching them to be 'employable, professional' dancers (no really, she's actually good at making dancers who can go get jobs dancing with their clothes on or get paid a lot to take them off as opposed to yknow strippercize)... but mostly it's about her and the pupils' horrific harpy mothers. Okay, so only a couple are horrific harpies, but damn do they take the cakes. All the cakes. Even your cake. Because they can.

And it's like watching a fucked up, amp'ed up version of my childhood for an hour a week, so of course I watch it. It's fun to watch the kids learn and perform and get better (or in a couple instances, worse). And there's a 'rival studio' and it's all pure ridiculous #firstworldproblems and I adore it.

Plus, the only scripted shows I like that are new at the moment are Being Human (US), and Once Upon a Time. I gave up on Alcatraz and Grimm just kept losing me even though I really, really wanted to like it. I <3 Once Upon a Time.

I hated this movie. Despised, loathed and disdained will also describe my feelings. UGH. Melissa McCarthy was the only good or fun thing about it and the rest of it I just hated. I hate the main character, none of it was funny and the only good point was when Melissa's character came over with her 6 party favor puppies and bitched out the main girl for being an idiot. Other than that, all of it can just be burned in the nearest nuclear reaction accident and I'll be happy.

In other news...
Been super sick for a couple weeks but I'm finally able to sit up and not throw up every piece of solid food so huzzah for modern medicine? I don't even know. Anyway, that happened.

Here, go ride space-unicorns with JFK.
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Yes, I refused to name just one movie on most of these. I am a movie-holic, I'm allowed to be indecisive.

Movie rambling here )
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The last two days I've been stuck on Polyvore because I can't write... anything. I tried writing drills, and then the old stand by of just going through and making lists or writing random whatever stream of consciousness, and then I tried RP posts (I deleted them because if it sounds completely stupidly OOC no I won't post it).

So I give up. I'm finishing The Hunger Games and making Polyvore sets and cleaning the house. Yesterday I got some cleaning done but then I cleaned the bathroom and used the Clorox cleaner because... um, I forgot how insanely horrible my reaction was to it last time. Oops. Sigh. I'm a ditz. So then most of last night was spent on a nebulizer. UGH.

I am just hoping maybe by writing here my imagination will get out of its funk. Please, please, cretivity, come baaaack... *cries*

Book Babbling Time!

Mockingjay (Book 3 of the Hunger Games Trilogy) is... different. I am tempted to use the phrase 'uneven' not because of the actual plot but because it runs straight into the brick wall caused by a strict 1st person narration. It's getting into situations where to keep the narration smooth she'd have to turn Katniss into a total Mary Sue, and I respect and applaud her refusal to do that. Unfortunately the result is a lot of things happening to or around Katniss without her doing them and half the time she's not there for them and it's getting a bit bothersome.

That said, I think this is one of those books that will actually be a much better movie- the story can probably be related more easily without being stuck in one person's head. Especially since our narrator has a head injury for half the book resulting in some rather awkward moments.

The story itself is awesome, and it's a fast read, well-written (with the above considerations taken into account). I can honestly say I admire the ability of Suzanne Collins to write her character even injured and confused and totally lost- it's really awesome to read through Katniss's eyes during a lot of it. I just think a lot of the really interesting story happened when she wasn't there and I hope the movies can portray it.

I like the ending even, although I wish the love triangle could have been resolved without the demonizing of the 3rd party but I sort of understand it. That said, somewhere in my brain I kind of think Katniss and Dany Targaryen should meet up and hang out and go conquer empires together. Dacy Mormont will come too, and it will be awesome.

I do recommend the series, although the 1st novel is by far my favorite. I'm glad I read the full trilogy but I doubt I'll reread Catching Fire or Mockingjay.
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Worked out today! FINALLY. It's been four days off due to asthma flare which makes Summer a sad panda.

I am almost done with The Ruling Sea, which is... I love it but I am conflicted. Robert Redick doesn't seem to have GRR Martin's flare for unforgettable characters: two very large books in and I'm not really finding any of the individuals all that memorable. I find myself slowly deciding to like Hercol, Thasha and a couple others but I'm not weeping along side them or anything which for me is strange. On the other hand I love the story they're a part of. I'm fascinated by it- but I wish so much that I really loved the world the Chathrand is sailing through. I'd give anything to be as hypnotized by Etherhorde or Simjan as I am by Kings Landing or Camorr (Scott Lynch's Locke Lamora series).

So far the most unforgettable character is Felthrup, a 'woken' rat who just wants to be a scholar. The cool twist in the world of Alifros, in which the Chathrand and its inhabitants exist, is that the gods or some magic power is 'waking' the animals and giving them the gift of speech- only this is not Narnia. The rats seem to be going more Rats of NIMH, really. The humans mostly tend to be creeped out or ambivalent about the woken animals although some think they make great pets.

The entire series pretty much takes place on the last of the 'Great Ships,' called the Chathrand. It's a massive giant of a sailing ship crewed by hundreds of men and no one remembers how the ships were made anymore, though most admit that magic had a lot to do with it- if only there were still mages around who knew how to do it. Unfortunately there's not: most magic users are long dead and gone. Except for a meddling, troublesome few. In fact there's not a lot left of Alifros of old: a huge (probably magical) catastrophe happened centuries ago that sank entire lands, leveled cities and kingdoms and empires. They call it the Worldstorm, and to the present some part of it remains in the form of a 'Vortex' that wanders around the wide, endless Ruling Sea, which effectively cuts the world in half.

Most of the action takes place on the Chathrand, which is being put to various nefarious uses by the Empire of Arqual in a bid to undermine its enemy the Mzithrini Pentarchy. There's a lot of politics, magic, and general spycraft going on. To be honest I could do with a little less magic and a few more explosions but there are lots of fantastic moments.

I would definitely recommend The Red Wolf Conspiracy and The Ruling Sea, as long as you are wanting a slower pace of read and an engrossing plot. This isn't an easy, quick read like Hunger Games. There may not be any shiningly brilliant individual characters (I really do like a few of them, I'm just not sure I'll remember them when I put the book down). There is a good plot, lovely descriptions, and lots of twists and turns.
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We need to talk about this fandom ADD you have. You find something new and shiny and you love it and squeeze it and adore it... and then you get distracted. It's not as shiny anymore and oh look there's something over there and Oooooh SHINY.

Oh my god, I just found my profile and the stories still up and everything. Oh Em Gee. o____o

On the bright side I'd totally forgotten about most of those stories, and some of them were not as horrid as I remembered, even if they've been abandoned for five years. >.> I'm the worst.

Anyway. Back to reading gargoyle porn or something else constructive with my time.
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I'm either a)never admitting it or b)screaming about it from the rooftops, but ONLY if it gets an awesome title.

Like... Pregnesia or The Playboy Sheikh's Virgin Stable Girl.

To this end, I think I will add to my to-do list: Write the insanest whackadoodle romance possible. For the specific joy of seeing if I can actually finish it, and if anyone else can read it without making o___O faces during/after. If it ever gets published by real people I'll just consider it a bonus. This will be a labor of love. And cough syrup.

I'm kind of certain the whackiest and most insane romance plots have already been done either by Harlequin or Ellora's Cave but I don't actually care. TIME TRAVELING COWBOY SHEIK KNIGHTS FIGHTING FAERY DEMONS WITH UNICORNS AND SHIMMERING VHAMPYRES RIDING VELOCIRAPTORS HERE WE GO. WITH EXTRA BEJEWELED ELEPHANTS. AND SEX.

Don't worry, I'll at least spell-check it first. I would not enjoy being haunted by a scepter any more than you would. And... come on. I made it through three Merry Gentry books and two Children of the Moon. I'm not sure I can actually dole out a full book's worth of this kind of crack, but I'd be willing to try.

In the end the entire book will be waved away with a Shower Scene where Puck walks in and admits to the heroine that he totally fairy-drugged her the night before so she just tripped fairy balls over in a corner the night before but don't worry it was all a vision of her True Love. And that is actually why humans can't eat fairy food: It's entirely made of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

It's either that or something about 'He was the child of an Eldritch Horror and she was the daughter of that greatest horror of all, a forensic accountant...' sort of thing.

Though, you know, being kidnapped through time via a men's restroom by a medieval knight collecting for his Harem through the Ages collection is still the best ever. I mean, I know my romantic fantasy has always been to become a harem girl to a time-traveling medieval sex-addict. ... Ok not really. I'm more likely to think about a one night hook up with The Punisher TBH. Some girls like flowers and romance, some girls like seeing people's heads turned into pink mist. WHATEVER.

I think I'm going to give up on writing a straight-up medieval romance though. Maybe I'll have more luck if I add the uncut crack into its veins. I shall go back to my drawing board now and get back with you later.
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Meanwhile, my stomach and I made peace. And then I ate something and now it hates me again. Y U BE LIKE DIS?? WHYYYY??

So I'm watching Top Gear and making notes about vampires and ideas about vampire/human relationships and a list of why it's a horrible idea and also there is this:

Also, thanks [personal profile] dwg cause now I sort of want to read Knight Moves. >.> I need to see someone about my masochistic need to see bad movies/read bad books.

Oh, speaking of:

MONSTER ARK. On Syfy. Last night. OMFG. It wasn't Sharktopus but I kind of love it for the whole Noah's Staff Is a SuperWeapon thing. Also, Noah is God or something. IDEK.


Jan. 8th, 2012 11:16 pm
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Omg Once Upon a Time has me totally addicted to it now.

Meanwhile I'm counting down til Sons of Anarchy returns to me, and Game of Thrones... Borgias. COME BACK TO ME TEEVEE. *cries*

I have a stomach bug again I think. I've been laying down all day and watching Being Human and then Once Upon a Time... and this weird movie called Devil.

Apparently this had M Night Sha-- I'm not going to try spelling him, I get his name wrong all the time. That guy. I didn't see his name on it while watching but again, I'm kind of out of it. The movie was pretty nifty and well-done for what it was: people trapped in elevator with Satan. Panic ensues as everybody dies one a time.

However, the point of it was somehow that everybody was dying cause they were like being collected as Satan's Pokemon cards but random other people died around it with no explanation about what they were dying for. AWKWARD, Satan. I expect more tidiness of you!

I kept getting the feeling that there was important information/suspense building left on a cutting room floor somewhere, like why is the detective now suddenly considering the superstitious Latino guard's theory about SATAN after thirty minutes?? Who the hell committed suicide by busting the glass out of a 22nd story skyscraper and jumping? WHY? They even had a rosary in their hand? WHYYYYY? Did Faust chicken out at the last minute or WHAT?

Don't even know for sure who all was really dead in the elevator. :/ People kept dying and the others did not even check for a pulse!! No attempt to stop blood flow. Nothing. Is it because it's in New York? I don't get this.

And the only character in the elevator I cared about was Token Tough Black Dude who apparently was trapped by Satan for beating the shit out of people. I get anger is a sin and all but really, movie? Really? Dude living on the roughass streets as a kid is less redeemable than girl who married for money or the guy who got drunk and drove his car into some lady, or... Oh, fine, whatever.

It's not a movie I'd watch twice but it beat the hell out of another hour of Law and Order.
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So, seriously, you just have to skip the first 4 episodes. Maybe 5, it's up to you. They're just useless pretty much anyway and nothing you won't get in the recaps. But like ep 5 to the end of S1 IS ACTUALLY GOOD.

Sam Witwer is freakishly damn gorgeous I love the neurotic werewolf and the lost girl ghosty and suddenly the whole thing makes soooo much more sense and is not boring people wandering around being boring while also being supernatural!

The Dutch still just annoy me though. I think because I just kept picturing them in those lameass Ashton Kutcher Von Dutch trucker hats ca 2001? IDEK.
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I know something is supposed to crosspost somewhere around here, but I'm made of fail and can't work out how the thing goes to the thing in the thing with doohickey. Y'know?

... it's just one of those days. Weeks. Years. Lives. Whatever.
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just got seriously pissed off enough at LJ to make one of these. :/
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I don't believe in censorship.


I'm starting to feel like I'm in the minority.


Dec. 17th, 2011 11:17 pm
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Brynden brought a cold home from work. :(

Ok, tonight I am going to do a voice post anyway, and then tomorrow I'm going to finish up the playlist that has been on my desktop for 6months. Cause [ profile] jesatria reminded me I <3 ASoIaF and stuff lol.


Dec. 17th, 2011 12:27 am
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So I started allergy shots three weeks ago, and it's in the 'build-up' phase where they're giving me a double does of things I'm allergic to shot into my arm basically. Because this will eventually force my body into shutting up and dealing with it. I've had them before when I was a kid and... I do not know wth has changed in their recipe or whatever but the last time I had them, I never had reactions. This time...?

Every friday for the last week my left arm has looked like a prehistoric mosquito chomped on it. The swelling and itching last a couple days, and then by the time it's faded it's Thursday night then I get another one. :/ Also the shots keep making me Sooooo tired. I talked to the nurse about that and she was like "I've heard that before. It's a stress reaction your body's having, it should get better."

Today I've made myself stay up to 12:30 and I'm a zombie. If I have actually had a conversation with anybody I'm not sure I remember it well. Like... just... sooo tired. *cries* I'm going to go to bed now and hope I don't crash for 13 hours like I did last week.

Cause, well, 13 hours? I could run through a LABYRINTH in that kind of time. /geeking.
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You taste like orange cough syrup and I have not yet had a drink involving you that I didn't want to toss down a drain.

Overpriced. Orange. Cough. Syrup. IS NOT SEXY.

Also the only people who I know that drink Grand Marnier are country club guys whose wives would kill them if they did tequila shots. So just stop it.

In other news, I want to try Whipped Cream vodka SO BAD. I know it's just a marketing ploy and it'll probably be crap but I STILL WANNA FIND OUT!

/my inner alky-snob
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