Mar. 13th, 2012 12:32 pm
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Health issues persist. By which I mean asthma sucks.

I'm trying to get the hang of dreamwidth, because LJ is just intent on being obnoxious now but it's like LJ is the longtime bff I just can't give up on because we've been hanging out for so long (ten years! OMFG HOW DID THAT HAPPEN??!). :(

Begging hubs for Game of Thrones on DVD. I'd probably be more successful but I'm still wanting this dress at VS and I can't decide which one I want to have more right this second... prolly GoT cause if the working out gets back on track after this last run of ohgoddyinglungs then the dress won't fit in a month. lol
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Thanks, [ profile] angerfish, I now have a new internet food addiction:

Mostly I want fruit tarts.. and tea eggs (SCAdian thing too... mmm, nummy). I would also be interested in clay-baked trout. And Honeyfingers. OMG I WANT THOSE.

Also, I can't filter my friendslist with Firefox. o___O WTF LJ? WTAF?!!!

oh, and I spent today having a hideous asthma attack. So that happened.

I want to make an article for 6 Things They Never Tell You About Severe Asthma Attacks
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Look, new shiny layout! [ profile] betterdolphin is to thank, by way of [ profile] mintyapple.

In other news, Brynden and I have started looking for houses, I'm not a fan of living a squillion miles from my social life, and having severe asthma severely sucks.

I guess I got spoiled by only having infrequent(ish) asthma issues for so long, but like this last year my childhood is haunting me and NOT IN THE FUN WAY. I think I've breathed in more albuterol than oxygen in the last month. I didn't get to go to Lilies War mostly due to my lungs' determination that air just is not for them, and fuck life they don't have to do this anymore.

It's like someone let my lungs discover guy-liner and they went emo on me.

FFS Bronchial Spasms are you kidding me? Last time I had this BSbusiness (pun sooo intended har) I was like ten and had pneumonia for the 6th time and like... that was appropriate. This is not appropriate. I cannot drink while taking these meds, damn it!

I did however consider the trufax historical medical treatment of asthma which was a good glass of wine or six. I may be making up the 'six' part. I also may be leaving out the fact there were medicinal herbs in the wine.


Does it count as medicinal if I drop a fennel seed in the bottom of the glass? HUZZAH IT DOES. THANK U GALEN.

I am however less enthusiastic about the other historical treatments. Except possibly for the one involving opium. I could smoke some opium and see how that goes... >.> Chloroform however, is right the fuck out.

Modern Asthma Medication kind of SUCKS too )

Now, back to working on a romance novel! <3


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