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[personal profile] dwg linked me this fic on Twitter and I literally SPEND ALL DAY READING THIS. I never read long fanfics. EVER. Not for aaaages. But this one made today so much more fun.

Severe asthma attacks all day and a run to the pharmacy and the movers packing up the downstairs first even tho I was more prepared for the upstairs but oh well DARCY IS TEACHING LOKI TO BE FRIENDS.

I'm also like blitzed on meds so that's fun too. Like literally three allergy meds and two asthma meds and oh my god I can't wait to move and never be here again.
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Meanwhile, my stomach and I made peace. And then I ate something and now it hates me again. Y U BE LIKE DIS?? WHYYYY??

So I'm watching Top Gear and making notes about vampires and ideas about vampire/human relationships and a list of why it's a horrible idea and also there is this:

Also, thanks [personal profile] dwg cause now I sort of want to read Knight Moves. >.> I need to see someone about my masochistic need to see bad movies/read bad books.

Oh, speaking of:

MONSTER ARK. On Syfy. Last night. OMFG. It wasn't Sharktopus but I kind of love it for the whole Noah's Staff Is a SuperWeapon thing. Also, Noah is God or something. IDEK.
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Hey commentalypse made it to SF_Drama!

Meanwhile, she's still deleting. Eventually I will get bored of giggling at random orphan comments, but I have Nyquil and there's not anything on tv until Grimm.
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soo... I've officially made about a squillion comments on [ profile] bad_rpers_suck last night/today. Look at my choices. *hangs head in shame*

It's not my fault! This chick made this post and then she realized she had become the hunted and back-pedaled only to realize that only made the mockery worse so she started deleting comments because somehow she can't figure out how to delete a post or something... And it was a game seeing which comments would still be there when you refreshed, and then it was funny and then it was addicting in a strange way, like minesweeper and jeweldrop but with lj posts...

And somehow you end up with the Commentocalypse: 4000+ comments being deleted from one post and I think it's gone on for like 10 hours at this point. o__O


I admire the original poster's dedication, in a make-no-sudden-moves kind of way. But oh my god, the lolz that BRPS sometimes provide. Internet wank, never change.
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I kind of really want to make this.

Really, self??


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