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Between this and Sons of Anarchy I may not even miss Game of Thrones while it's gone. o___o
Okay that's a lie because GoT has the flawfree Emilia Clarke/Dany. OTOH SoA has Tara Knowles and Justified has my new queen, Ava Crowder.

We're only halfway through the second season dvd's right now (finishing s2 on Monday) but ZOMG. Coal companies! Appalachia! Clogging! Weed! Meth wars! Marshals! Gun fights! EXPLOSIONS!

I cannot even explain it in calm ways right now. Basically there's Raylan Gibbons (Timothy Olyphant) and he is the baddest badass to ever badass his way through the world, and will continue being badass even if he gets the crap kicked out of him. He shoots this shady narco guy like it's the Wild West for Reasons, and his US Marshall bosses are like "would you stop killing people? Geez. Go... go sit in Kentucky and THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'VE DONE."

And of course, he grew up in rural KT and rapidly falls back in among his old crew and it's weird because most of them are doing highly illegal shit and he's the law, etc. Especially illegal in his vocation is Boyd Crowder who is Shane from The Shield and I keep calling him Shane Crowder (oops), but he's a much more awesome/crazy/cool here. Boyd is legit smarter and more crooked than you, and it is awesome. And sad because sometimes he wants to go straight but he's only known being a shady Appalachian crime lord so he's kind of stuck. It's this or blowing shit up at the mine, really.

Then there's Raylan's con-artist dad, and his aunt/step-mother (well, it IS Kentucky) who like constantly has a shot gun in her hands, and just this insane cast of insane characters running around hills and hollers and coal mines, and they are all fabulous.

As I said, my fave is Ava. She's the former wife of Boyd Crowder's brother, Beauman(Boman? Whichever all the Crowder boys have B names and it's confusing). She and Raylan have sparks aplenty flying between them and I kind of ship Ava/Raylan at this moment, although I probably ship Raylan/Anyone-who-is-not-Winona. Winona being Raylan's ex-wife who's married to a real estate broker. Winona is annoying. I dislike Winona. Winona never shoots at anybody. This is a major character flaw, imo.

Game of Thrones is over now, so you should go watch Justified. Because we all know True Blood is too cracked-out to make sense anymore anyway (but I'll still watch it next week because I'm a weak person).
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Snagged from [personal profile] sunnytyler001 and [profile] girloficenfire.
List fifteen of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, if they're so inclined

1. Jaime Lannister (A Song of Ice and Fire)
2. Sansa Stark (A Song of Ice and Fire)
3. Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)
4. Rose Tyler (Dr Who)
5. Thor (Thor/Avengers movieverse)
6. Gemma Doyle (Gemma Doyle Trilogy / A Great and Terrible Beauty)
7. Gemma Teller (Sons of Anarchy)
8. Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter)
9. Lucius Vorenus (Rome)
10. Atia of the Julii (Rome)
11. Nanny Ogg (Discworld)
12. Sam Vimes (Discworld)
13. Ava Crowder (Justified)
14. Al Swearengen (Deadwood)
15. Caroline Forbes (Vampire Diaries - TV)

This was way harder than I thought it would be. And yes, Rome, ASoIaF, and Discworld got two but... I just couldn't pick one from them.

Also: Justified has taken over my life. Thanks, [personal profile] fragrantwoods. Well okay Netflix too because they kept recommending it. I'm totally in love with this show and the characters and omg the girls all have guns and shoot people and I am totally good with this.
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I hate you, Clay Morrow.

I love you, Jax Teller (Even if you make me scream at the TV a lot).

I love you, Chibs.

I love you, Juice (but I may kill you at some point).

The season finale was like... quiet. I can't say it wasn't exciting or anything it was just so very quiet. Like the new reign has started, Long Live the King, etc... except for how I have this horrible gut-wrenching feeling that Tara is going to end up dead, and everyone would be better if a lightning bolt killed Clay because even prison might still be better than having him around...

Show. You cannot kill Tara. I love her. I love her a lot, and her and Jackson are awesome and please just don't kill her. *cries*

Tig.. oh my god, Tig. You just set up the next season for a race-lines gang war of OMFG. And how the hell is that going to play out with the CIA lurking in the background??! o____o

PS, I want a SoA hoodie. (cough[livejournal.com profile] anubis_8coughhintcough)
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I am dearly starting to miss Maryann Forrester. Hate on her all you will, I will take a kick ass orgiastic maenad crazytalking me over SEX NARNIA. I mean seriously what else do you call that? Open the door of the shower and you are in a magical fairy woodland winter and there's a clearing and we are like one lamppost short of the Lantern Waste and I can only imagine what kind of awesome statuary Jadis could have made of naked Eric and Sookie... and btw, Jadis turning them to stone would totally have been more entertaining and lest god-awful goofy to watch than "WE ARE THE SUN!" ot what the fuck ever that was.

Alan Ball, I know you think that was entertaining but no it was not. Please to be knocking that shit off.

And that last episode? How stupid is the Witch War going to get, anyway? How was Sookie healed when five seconds ago Beeel is all "She is naht takin mah bloahd." ??

How did a Bill/Eric/Sookie v-dream tun into the lamest thing to ever lame itself across my screen? I mean, I know it's a handicap anytime Bill's there instead of Alcide's naked torso (which is at least a bonus to these last two wtf episodes)...

When I'm starting to like Debbie MAH COOTER Pelt over most of the cast... c'mon bebes, we gotsa problem.

Mavis does not interest me. Nor does glowing chakra Lafayette.

Marnitonia's (Antarney?) plan is sort of interesting .Also she is creepy. Necromancy is creepy. But she is still doing it BETTER THAN ANITA BLAKE. So I give her some credit right there.  I hate you, Anita Blake. Anyway, back to my original omfgwtafzombies rant...

Can we please have unlame wiccans now? Why are all these the lame wiccans?

OH, and I AM STARTING TO MISS STEVE NEWLIN. Btw, subtle of you writers to be periodically sticking in tv snippets of reporters talking about the missing Newlin. Oooh, foreshadowing! Of something far more interesting than this stupid witch thing which should be awesome but is not for reasons I cannot comprehend other than you are all getting so into WHERE ARE HOYT'S PANTS and JESSICA LIKES TAYLOR SWIFT AND TWILIGHT and .. and... OH I JUST CANNOT WITH THIS OKAY? I am not amused with Arlene's whacky hijinks. I like Lafayette better as Lafayette altho watching him play a woman in Lafayette's body was cool.

Good point: SAMMY IS CREEPY LIKE CREEPY THINGS. And you do knwo what I mean by Sammy right? Those weird times when Sam is actually Tommy and you can entirely tell he is Tommy and it's awesome acting but so weird.

Now, can Tommy skinwalk Alcide so we can have TWO NAKED/SEMINAKED ALCIDES AT ALL TIMES?
What? I'm shallow. I blame the show for always making Alcide naked or stripping to become naked at all times.

Also Debby can take Tomcide and Alcide can go be awesome somewhere where only Alcide's chest and Eric and Pam and Lafayette hang out. Nan will sometimes visit and be bitchy and Jessica will guest star.

Dear Marcus, I am sorry but your Alpha!skillz are nothing compared to Alcide's giantness. Like... just give up. He is the once and future packmaster. Just saying. Also I get it, wolves mate for life or some bullshit and all but you are lame and your ex-wife is a skinwalker and maybe that should weird you out more than it obviously does. Because dude do you get that she can TURN INTO YOU? She can kill you and then BE YOU so the cops don't think you are dead?

Also I have decided my perfectest TV crack would somehow combine Game of Thrones, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy and Deadwood.So it would sort of be like post-apocalyptic steampunk vampire and werewolf and wereperson bikers fighting evil Fellowship of the Sun Mayans while the fairies played games of high politics in their Kings Landing style court. Possibly while everyone dressed like it was 1923, and things would continually explode and people would die in horrifyingly interesting ways and/or be naked on an almost constant basis.

You're welcome for that awesome image.
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You are watching Disney's Rapunzel and see her parent's heraldry and realize that Rapunzel is one spear short of being a Martell.
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I'm going to flail now and it's going to be spoilery so if you haven't finished don't click or click and don't whine, your pick ok?

Here There Be Dragons... and CAPSLOCK... and SPOILARS. )
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I heard rumors they were doing this but OMG U GUYZ!! SECRET CIRCLE!! 

Now my life shall only be complete when there is a Night World miniseries. But idk, I find Elijah on VD to be an acceptable Thierry substitute sooo....

FORBIDDEN GAME.  I WANT FORBIDDEN GAME. Except for how no one will ever be hot enough to be Julian for me.

And yes I am mature enough to understand that a gang of secret teenage witches with major powers and Dark Secrets is kind of ugh, and like oh hey there Covenant but... I DO NOT CARE.  FAITH WILL BE ON MY TV .

So, I have GoT then True Blood, then shall come Secret Circle, Vampire Diaries, and ... ok I admit it Once Upon a Time intrigues me because I am one of three people in the universe that remembers The Charmings... I think that was the name? It was on tv and it was live action and I was like five or four? Snow White was married with kids and her Stepmother came to live with her and Charming, and the magic  mirror was bitchy. And the giant was always fighting with his wife and getting kicked down the beanstalk or... idk. I think that's what went on. Since I was under age six it's possible I made up  most of that.
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I really shouldn't be giggling SO HARD about getting emails from twitter titled with: 

Jaime Lannister is now following you on Twitter! 

AND YET. Still giggling.

Jon Snow is following me too. lolz.

Oh, GoT fandom, I LOVE YOU SFM.
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I need more Game of Thrones in my life. Also Borgias.

Sunday tv, why so awesome?? 

I am pissed at NCIS right now. Like that was just not cool, writers.

HOLYOMG VAMPIRE DIARIES??! That wasn't even the season finale, y'all!! And... and... Jenna!  But, more importantly, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON. *SOBS* 

I sort of hate Game of Thrones for making me like Robert Baratheon more. But I do. Except, yknow, that whole... Blackberry Jam thing... I don't even... that's just... THANKS FOR RUINING BREAKFAST, ROBERT.
Also, I think it's clear that Cersei has at some point said that same thing.

Ned Stark, I still hate you. Nope, not even close to over it.

Tyrion, I'd love you more if I wasn't already having visions of oh, idk, season 3 and all that jazz. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME, TYRION? 

Omg Robb Stark, please be less hot, ok? Cause I just.. I can't... ohmygodSeasonThree MAY KILL ME. :(((((( 


If you hate Dany, you can stfu, cause her actress is FLAWLESS. I don't know if I want to be her or just do bad things with her... but probably both and that's both creepy and awesome, but not NEARLY as creepy as Littlefinger, so... idk. There's that.

Hey, Ned? I still hate you.


And I'm sort of terrified because I love Jaime THIS MUCH, to capslock distraction, y'all, and someday... someday Oberyn Martell will walk onto the screen. And he may show up onscreen at the same time as Jaime and then I'm going to have some kind of fangirl brainsplosion and then I may not ever say anything that makes sense ever again. Like, I accept my fate, I will not survive Season 3 of Game of Thrones. Because you all know what happens then, and all the omg... yeah. My fangirl heart cannot take the idea of watching gorgeous flawless sweet perfection that is Robb be all... and then... and Jaime!! I'm going to be crying like a crazy every ep that season.

ALSO: BORGIAS. FUCKYEAH BORGIAS. Cesare be less unffff and Juan you are a troll and I love you for it and Lucretzia you are too adorable for humanity and Alexander/Rodrigo/Jeremy Irons I can't even handle your epicness and THERE IS A FEAST OF CORPSES IN NAPLES I LOVE YOU NAPLES. YOU INSANE BASTARDS. Also, Princess Sorsha is the mom omg.

Um. So, I'm bored and watching eps and I'm... a fangirl. But y'all know that already. Also: right after GoT they're going to give us True Blood. It's almost enough to make me forget HBO making me wait a fcking year between season... ALMOST.


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