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We went to see Spiderman tonight and it was pretty good. Spiderman wasn't ever my favorite super hero (I liked Batman and the X-MEn) but this movie was worth the watch and had an awesome cast. And it washed away the hideous memory of the last trilogy (I still hope Kirsten Dunst fired whoever told her to do those movies).

The main level of the house is slowly coming together. Sort of. More or less. >.> As long as you ignore the mountain of packing paper slowly avalanching over the family room.

Today I discovered there are spiders in the basement. So now I'll have to do laundry in boots. Tuesday I discovered the dryer had decided to shuffle off its heating coil so I've been drying things out on the deck. Hey, it's a heatwave out there anyway so I might as well cut down the electricity bill anyway, right?

And I found a new brand of cleaners at the grocery store- the brand is IQ and it's made of sustainable, eco-friendly stuff and after you buy the bottle you just get refill packs. So far the glass cleaner and all-purpose cleaners work great and they smell awesome without causing me any asthmatic issues so I am happy.

The only really super annoying thing going on was me having to find new doctors, dentists, optometrists, all that stuff. Optometry was pretty easy, and I am getting new contacts ordered already! The dentists on the other hand... ARGH. I called THREE dentists today during their hours as posted on their websites and even one of them as spoken to me by the cheery little answering machine.... NOT ONE OF THEM WAS OPEN/ANSWERING PHONES. WTAF??! One, okay I get that, two sure bad luck, but three...? Was today some Dentist Holiday? I'm going to try three others tomorrow and if none of them answer either I am giving up and trying that stupid 1800Dentist thing.

Of course, one of the optometry places had a receptionist who couldn't be bothered to check which insurances they take... Because that's a great business practice.

Yeah, I'm super boring this week. You'd seriously not believe the angst-fit I had on Tuesday when the dryer wouldn't work. I'm kind of blaming the stress from the move because with Brynden being at drill and working longer hours with everything I am kind of unpacking and arranging and sorting by myself and tbh a lot of the stuff is not mine it's his and it just sort of feels weird still to paw through his stuff.
... Not weird enough that I won't do it, of course. I mean someone has to go throw out all his old socks or hide the ugly shirts in the depths of the giant closet.... pointedly dump any undesirable decorations in the man-cave... all that stuff.

Oh, and I started watching Dallas. DON'T JUDGE ME. It's actually... sort of fun. Soapy stupid ridiculous fun. But I'll be honest and admit to having watched the old one when TNT used to rerun it. OMG Lucy showed up! For five seconds. I liked Lucy and her stupid spoiled teenage antics on the old show. Also I hate Christopher. I get that he's supposedly the 'good one' but ugh he's so damn sanctimonious that I'd prefer Elena and what's-her-name just hook up and collectively walk out on him. Or strike up a ridiculous menagee trois with John Ross. He's more fun anyway. Srsly. He was getting kinda kinky in the sex tape thing. >.>

Speaking of ridiculous family dynasties...

POLITICAL ANIMALS. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS???! IT'S CAESAR!!! Um, well, Ciaran Hinds anyway, and he's un-married to Sigourney Weaver and seducing starlets and drinking. And Sigourney is being the better version of Hilary Clinton and wants to be president, and it's awesome. I really only turned it on out of idle curiosity but homg the first episode was amazing and I now have to watch the next one.
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I didn't think this movie could suck as much as the reviews said it did, and I was right. It was worse.

Taylor Kitsch is adorable and likeable but I don't know if it's just that the director couldn't work with him or wtf happened but he was about as appealing as a piece of cardboard the entire time. Which is a problem when he's supposed to be the hero of a massive sprawling epic. It wasn't that bad until James Purefoy appeared to rescue Carter and Carter was so useless that Captain Puresex had to take himself captive with his own sword and OH MY GOD it was hilarious and perfect and WHY WASNT HE IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE??! Because suddenly he was there and lighting up Mars, the screen, my loins etc and it was like "Oh my god I forgot watching this terrible movie what it felt like to enjoy a movie! Wait! Where are you going, James Purefoy??! NUUUUU Don't leave us with Useless Hero!!!"

James Purefoy and Ciaran Hinds made everything awesome everytime they showed up but sadly it made the woeful inadequacy of the main characters just that much worse and I really want Caesar And Antony Of Mars- it would be an amazing action buddy pic and there would be snark and perfection as they lead the ridiculously named Helium to victory against King Snarlsalot over there.

Meanwhile, we're all stuck watching Cardboard Carter and Poor Man's Megan Fox run around and the only being I really gave a damn about was the spunky frog-dog thing. I liked the frog-dog! But when the cute animal sidekick is the most charismatic thing in the main cast you have a slight problem.

Seriously this thing had Ciaran Hinds, Polly Walker, James Purefoy, Dominic West, Willem Dafoe, Thomas Haden Church... like tons of amazing and even semi-amazing actors and all of them manage about a billion times more charisma and coolness than the main characters.

Plus, even my husband remarked on the amazing multi-size boobs belonging to Deja, who I kept calling Poor Man's Megan Fox anyway and it's true- the costume department was blatantly padding then un-padding her chest depending on the scene and it was just really damn weird. As was the wedding dress. Although to be honest nothing could salvage Deja- I was hoping fervently for her painful and terrifying death from the moment she started whining about having to marry for the good of teh citeh. FFS CAN WE NOT WITH THIS TROPE??! So she runs off like a brat because despite being some kind of brilliant technology developer and scholar or whatever she CANNOT WED WITHOUT LUUUVE NUUUU! Sigh. Look, can we all agree that if she was 15 this would be believable but as a mid-twenties-ish princess she would probably stfu and do her duty? Couldn't there at least have been some whiff of "oh crap he's goign to kill me on the wedding night because I know how to make the Magical Blue Shiny Things!" No? We're really going to go with "I cannot liiiiiive without loooooooooooove!" ?? I hate you, scriptwriter.

I am sad because Deja is actually the same actress who played the fun waitress Dawn in True Blood and I liked her in that but in this movie she sucked. I want to blame the script and the director, tbh.

Meanwhile, John Cardboard of Mars is her love interest and he's just good at Mario jumping around like a demented video game bunny and looking vaguely annoyed. And at abandoning his sort-of-adopted green alien foster-mom person.

And while we are at that, how are aliens who hatch from eggs and raised by whichever female pickes them out of the hatchling ceremony even that damn familiar with the concept of genetic-parents? And why would they give a fuck? Like what in the hell made this a good idea for motivation? Within their culture wouldn't just having raised a kid be like 'parental' enough...? I do not get this business. Because it's a whole big deal in the movie about who foster-alien-mom's actual parents are when it seems like they'd all be more confused by that whole idea.

Basically whoever did this screenplay needs their ass kicked back into a writing class. Let's be incredibly obvious and clichee!! YEY! There has seriously got to be a better way to do Edgar Rice Burroughs stories than this because this almost makes that Traci Lords Syfy pic Princess of Mars look watchable. BLARGH.

The good points of this movie are basically that it is pretty, and the frog-dog and James Purefoy and Ciaran Hinds. And, I'll give it credit because it is REALLY DAMN PRETTY. It just sucks at pretty much everything else.

So um, in conclusion: I do not recommend watching this movie, but if you must watch it then start drinking before the movie starts. It would probably be better viewed through a haze of alcohol.
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OMG U GUYZ! All the crappy SyFy original movies I've watched/mocked with my friends and parents over hte years and I MISSED THE ONE WITH EMILIA CLARKE'S ADORABLENESS?!!
Annoyed dinosaurs are resurrected and wreak havoc!! HOW THE HELL DID I MISS THIS GEM? Also, I love IMDB because the continuity/factual goofs list is about a hundred times longer than the plot. XD

If I ever catch this thing on re-runs... omg. Sorry, Brynden. I want to see this more than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, ngl. Apparently the dinosaurs are giant angry skeletons.

Does Syfy actually pay people to write these things? Like with real money, or just in Mexican vicodin or what...?
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Oh my god this movie is... I don't even know what this movie is. I don't know what this movie thought itself to be or if the scriptwriters just ran out of crack halfway through and switched to crystal and vodka or what...

Okay so you all know that TITANS came before Gods and thus Hadesmort and co got eated by their dad Cronos while Zeuslan got smuggled off and then came back to kick righteous ass and lo the gods chained the Titans and now a squillion billion years later the gods have gone from numerous and superpowered to three old dudes and Ares in the space of like 10 years because that's how fast it goes? I don't know.

And remember in last movie when Hades was all "I feed on their fear yey!" well I guess he kicked the habit between movies too and is now wasting away with the rest? Why? I don't know. Hades doesn't know. He just did so now he can be scared and be dumb enough to believe their psycho dad who is apparently made of lava and rocks and WRATH OH SO MUCH WRATH RAWWWR.

So Titans are coming out of Tartarus and because humans are either REALLY COMMITTED to this anti-god stance (or are actually too stupid to live) it occurs to none of them, through the entire movie, while they are facing hundred-handers and pegasus and a giant fuckoff titan and monsters that the movie's lsd budget helped make up-- through all of that they do not think to pray to any of the gods who might be hanging out nearby. EXCEPT ARES. Why? BECAUSE ARES THAT'S WHY. AND ARES IS SO ANGREEEEEH. I think he's just bitter that he's the only god with a French accent.

Never mind that Perseus Kraken-slayer and Demi-God extraordinaire is like "Dudes Ares is on the side of Titans and Total Death to All Humans now." Oh no, we'll keep right on praying to him and not to Apollo, Poseidon, Zeus, Aeolus, Dionysius... you know any of the billion possible alternatives. Nope. We're sticking with him because MAYBE THE TITANS ARE GODSDAMNED RIGHT OMG WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE??!

At least Andromeda, who has had a total body make-over and is now someone else and a warrior queen too because why not, is smart and useful. And Poseidon managed to remember at least one of his kids' names and send Perseus off to find him. Also, Perseus named his son Helios. Um. I think he named him Helios because let's be honest dialogue is not this movie's strong suit. So in my head the kid eventually decided dad's "let's be mortal fishermen" was stupid and went off to be the new sun god.

I also really wish someone had given Sam Worthington a haircut. Perseus looks effing goofy with shaggy hair. Like I would have given up two monster scenes for them to CGI his hair out.

SO Um... there was a plot. I don't know what it was and I don't know why the great SPEAR OF TEH GODZ was actually a bomb to throw down Kronos' throat, or why Io got kicked down to Hades between movies, or why Perseus' hair never got burned off...

BUT I will say that Zeus/Hades/Poseidon should just have been the entire plot themselves. They were far more awesome than any other part of this except for Hephaestus who was THE BEST THING EVER OMG. HEPHAESTUS <3 So really we should just have had the gods bitching at each other and throwing thunderbolts and I'd have liked it better. And then Zeuslan and Hadesmort would fight and bond and hug and go off to resurrect Poseidon and the other gods, and Perseus would either marry Andromeda and be King of Greece (lolwhut? Oh movie) or go be a god and hang out rolling his eyes at his family forever.

Anyway it's not a bad movie but catch the matinee, or wait til it's on DVD. Cuz... you don't have enough alcohol for this movie. You really, really don't.
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Hunger Games movie blabbing )

In other news Grandpa turned 99 without incident. :) But he is getting weaker and his balance is off- though he can still outbrain you, recite Tennyson and Byron and fix your clock while you stand around looking ignorant. Oh and garden. My uncle was sighing because one of his friends is all "You can't let your father work in the yard! At his age!" And Uncle was like "... he's 99 years old, I think he has the right to do wtf ever he wants. And besides, YOU go tell him no. I'll bring the popcorn." Cause grandpa's response is/will be "Aw, shit. Get out of my way." And then you do, because trust me you don't want to have someone with 40 years of teaching high school (and who spent ww2 in the Pacific) to rip into you.

But grandpa is frustrated because his hands are too shaky to do any fine wire work or carving, and of course the fainting/dizzy moments happen and that pisses him off too.

OMG. So his basement is The Cave of Wonders, and he brought out a bunch of them. Including a pair of lamps he found somewhere in India in 1944, which he handed off to me. They're these awesome carved wood things so yey? Then he produced HIS father's college notebooks. Dated Spring term of 1906 and 1904. OMFG. That was trippy, and it made me ashamed of myself because my great-grandfather had KILLER penmanship, and his notes look so awesome. Mine look like a half-literate 5-year-old got loose with ink. o__O And he was using a pen you dipped. I don't even know.

THEN came Grandpa's maternal grandma's (so my... um... great-great grandmother?) elementary school math book, and then his paternal grandma's book of Medicine (that one copyright 1886).

I amused myself for a whole afternoon flipping through the Medicine book- it's for home-made "cures" and treatments for a whole slew of illnesses (some of them I have NO IDEA what they are in modern speak) and then recipes for the syrups, poultices, injections, etc. And then some recipes for food because why not? I think this thing is 1886 Google. I love the recipes for food too but I have a feeling it would take serious trial and error trying to figure out how to cook them in today's ovens because while the ingredient measurements are decipherable the cooking instructions are like "place in a warm oven" or "a hot oven" until it is "baked." >.> Hokay. Also I learned that chloroform should only be administered for asthma attacks by a professional. So, just in case you're at home giving yourself chloroform, stop that.

Great-Grandma's book of arithmetic was also upsetting. I think this roughly translates to 3rd grade-ish? Anyway they had formulas and questions in there I couldn't answer. o___O Granted, I suck at math to start with but I'm upset that my great-great grandparents probably knew more of it in elementary than I did in High School. Yeesh.

But Grandpa got out his college woodworking notebook and that was awesome. Yes, woodworking in college. I don't know, it was 1938?

For reference, on this side of my family: grandpa was born in 1913 and his dad was born sometime in the 1880s, and his grandparents were all older so they were born in general 1860s-50's. That whole string of them all somehow avoided having kids until 30-ish except for the one cousin over there who got pregnant at 13 (in 1900s) and they just didn't talk about her.

My mother tried to explain Game of Thrones to grand-pa. THAT was interesting. He did not see the point of it "One of those stories like grandma used to watch" (referring to my grandma who passed away years ago). Which... I guess? Only lots of sex and violence added. And twincest. Mom left out the twincest, although considering the contents of Grandpa's 'English Theater from Beowulf to Shakespeare' coursework I don't see why she bothered. Grandpa was the one who introduce me to the play 'Tis Pity She's a Whore- and the entire plotline of that is about brother/sister incest and it was first performed in like the 1630's. If you haven't heard of it, it's worth a read-through.

Anyway, he doesn't like Criminal Minds either. He prefers NCIS, Mentalist and RFDTV's Polka Hour. x____x I may have German ancestry but oh god don't make me polka. *cries*

He's also annoyed because the one news station he liked now has some new announcer who talks too fast and Grandpa's like "What is this shit? They don't teach anything in schools these days! Enunciate!" So he just watches sports, and bitches about the president/politics. I find it kind of fascinating when he tees off on politics cause he will rant and be like "back in the 30's it was this other thing..."

Anyway, it was fun. I had hella bad asthma attacks though so I didn't get to be as social with the fam as I wanted to but oh well.
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What is Dance Moms? It's this stupid reality tv show wherein a loudmouth dance teacher deals with her very talented pupils and teaching them to be 'employable, professional' dancers (no really, she's actually good at making dancers who can go get jobs dancing with their clothes on or get paid a lot to take them off as opposed to yknow strippercize)... but mostly it's about her and the pupils' horrific harpy mothers. Okay, so only a couple are horrific harpies, but damn do they take the cakes. All the cakes. Even your cake. Because they can.

And it's like watching a fucked up, amp'ed up version of my childhood for an hour a week, so of course I watch it. It's fun to watch the kids learn and perform and get better (or in a couple instances, worse). And there's a 'rival studio' and it's all pure ridiculous #firstworldproblems and I adore it.

Plus, the only scripted shows I like that are new at the moment are Being Human (US), and Once Upon a Time. I gave up on Alcatraz and Grimm just kept losing me even though I really, really wanted to like it. I <3 Once Upon a Time.

I hated this movie. Despised, loathed and disdained will also describe my feelings. UGH. Melissa McCarthy was the only good or fun thing about it and the rest of it I just hated. I hate the main character, none of it was funny and the only good point was when Melissa's character came over with her 6 party favor puppies and bitched out the main girl for being an idiot. Other than that, all of it can just be burned in the nearest nuclear reaction accident and I'll be happy.

In other news...
Been super sick for a couple weeks but I'm finally able to sit up and not throw up every piece of solid food so huzzah for modern medicine? I don't even know. Anyway, that happened.

Here, go ride space-unicorns with JFK.


Jan. 8th, 2012 11:16 pm
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Omg Once Upon a Time has me totally addicted to it now.

Meanwhile I'm counting down til Sons of Anarchy returns to me, and Game of Thrones... Borgias. COME BACK TO ME TEEVEE. *cries*

I have a stomach bug again I think. I've been laying down all day and watching Being Human and then Once Upon a Time... and this weird movie called Devil.

Apparently this had M Night Sha-- I'm not going to try spelling him, I get his name wrong all the time. That guy. I didn't see his name on it while watching but again, I'm kind of out of it. The movie was pretty nifty and well-done for what it was: people trapped in elevator with Satan. Panic ensues as everybody dies one a time.

However, the point of it was somehow that everybody was dying cause they were like being collected as Satan's Pokemon cards but random other people died around it with no explanation about what they were dying for. AWKWARD, Satan. I expect more tidiness of you!

I kept getting the feeling that there was important information/suspense building left on a cutting room floor somewhere, like why is the detective now suddenly considering the superstitious Latino guard's theory about SATAN after thirty minutes?? Who the hell committed suicide by busting the glass out of a 22nd story skyscraper and jumping? WHY? They even had a rosary in their hand? WHYYYYY? Did Faust chicken out at the last minute or WHAT?

Don't even know for sure who all was really dead in the elevator. :/ People kept dying and the others did not even check for a pulse!! No attempt to stop blood flow. Nothing. Is it because it's in New York? I don't get this.

And the only character in the elevator I cared about was Token Tough Black Dude who apparently was trapped by Satan for beating the shit out of people. I get anger is a sin and all but really, movie? Really? Dude living on the roughass streets as a kid is less redeemable than girl who married for money or the guy who got drunk and drove his car into some lady, or... Oh, fine, whatever.

It's not a movie I'd watch twice but it beat the hell out of another hour of Law and Order.
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I know you have a weird love of The Red Baron, but sobbing like a 12-year-old at the first screening of Titanic over a biopic is NOT COOL. You know HOW IT ENDS. You knew going in! You read the biographies! I don't care how awesome Til Schweiger is as Werner Voss or how awesome the actor playing Manfred is, you don't get to end it crying. And his girlfriend is Cersei Lannister, c'moon! And Joseph Feinnes is in this. You know better!

... sigh.

Stupid Roy Brown. Well, ok Brown/Cedric Popkin/WJ Evans/Robert Buie/Great Ceasar/s Ghost/etc.

And yeah, I don't get my weird love of semi-obscure WWI heroes either. I just go with it. LAFAYETTE ESCADRILLE! *ahem* Sorry. But they deserved a better movie. :(

Why are there not more WWI movies? It essentially made the world of the 20th century an the 21st for that matter. Tons of crap is the way it is BECAUSE of that war- WWII is BECAUSE of WWI... seriously, people! It's full of all these awesome stories and utter tragedy and terror... the trenches were hell on earth... no man's land... mustard gas... the beginning of aviation... the assassination of Franz Ferdinand... empires falling apart... the balkans, the middle east, the ottoman empire, the austro-hungarian empire... russia... SIGH. But yeah, there's no Nazis, so it's boring, I guess.
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First of all, it's about how Nicholas Cage and Clay Morrow fought in the Holy Land because Sandor Clegane ordered them to and then they got tired of Sandor's bullshit and hightailed it out but then they ran into LE PLAGUE. Now they are in this city somewhere in Ye Medieval Europaland and there's a witch who is turning everyone into newts but then they don't get better they just sort of turn into welty zombies. So Nick and Clay get suckered into going with this old knight and a priest and a altar boy who wants to be a knight who I just kept calling Podrick to take Adorabelle Dearheart who is The Black Wiiiiitch oooooh off to a monastary that is a frillion miles of mountains away.

This movie wants me to think that Nick is the star but I know better, this movie is actually about Sir Clay Morrow of Awesomeland. Seriously I did not even care that Nick Cage was around and why was he blonde anyway? Who looked at him and went "We can totally make you pass as a knight if we dip you in peroxide first!"

I did really like the sword fights. Go fightmaster whoever you were! However... we have GOT to talk with this director about how he decided to pretend he was in the Sahara with bad greenscreens and worse cgi and quite possibly fake sand as well. WTH WAS WITH THAT? If you are going to make stuff look unreal then do it proper- you get UNREAL with it! Haven't you people been secretly watching Spartacus like the rest of us??

Anyway. It's nice that no one in this thing bothers with an accent at least, but it does kind of give the hilarious impression that the British-esque Europeans don't notice that these guys are clearly from some other continent. Especially Al Capone who I did not realize had that accent naturally- I thought he just did that for Boardwalk Empire but maybe not!

So the guys haul Adorabelle across the damn continent and she's in a wagon and there's an obligatory rickety rope bridge and the whole reason they make this journey in the first place is because there is only ONE book of spells to cure witches left in the entire world.One left. Despite all the burning of witches they've been doing (witnessed in the first minutes of the movie where Some Priest burns a triple set of them).

Further thoughts cut in case you would be upset at being spoiled by this piece of HIGH QUALITY cinema for realz )
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So, done with SoA except s4 which I need to start watching. No GoT and no TB. There IS Vampire Diaries and Boardwalk Empire at least...

But I have been plumbing the depths of Netflix and oh the lulz. I watched a movie with a C'thulhu theme to it so it started recommending other 'things like that' as it does, which of course opened up this whole section of horrifically bad b-horror made on shoe-string budgets and OMFG I LOL'ED.

There is this movie called Lo. No, really, that's the name: Lo. L-o. Lo is the name of a demonthing, idek and this guy summons it to help him find his girlfriend who is kidnapped by demons, etc. OMFG.

That led to it recommending this masterpiece of awesome called DAGON. I have no idea what this movie was even doing most of the time. There's a guy and he finds some treasure in the sea and he has dreams and a girlfriend who obviously is starring in porn when she's not in this horrible movie and she's happy they're rich now but boy is upset by dreaaaaaaaaaaams of madnessssss an there's this mermaid thing that's swimming with him and he just cannot have sex when that's in his head, etc.

cut in case you're sensitive about being spoiled on bad bad b-movie horrors )

In other news, allergies suck.

I just got Season of the Witch in the mail!Netflix so I will watch that tomorrow and let you know how bad that is.
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Watching s3 now via Netflix and have decided to be a responsible grown-ass person and beg Brynden to torrent s4 for me so I can has it without waiting after I finish s3.


OMG MiBs may find this and arrest me. Oh wellz. Jax Teller is totes worth this.


Ok anyway, s3 of Sons of Anarchy is so far awesome because there are IRISH PEOPLE KILLING PEOPLE. AND PRIESTS.

And also per capita their shoot-out quotient has gone waaay up. Like damn are they buying bullets by the kilo? WHY DO I LOVE THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH? I THINK IT IS ALL THE SHOOTING. ITS LIKE THE UNIT WITH LESS STUPID MANUFACTURED WIFE!ANGST (srsly why didn't you just leave that bs on Army Wives, people??!).

Bobby Elvis was married to someone named Precious. NO. REALLY. IT IS HER NAME. AND SHE IS ANGRY.

TRIXIE! From Deadwood! She's Irish! OMG.

I love Clay. Even if I keep wishing he'd get giant and turn red and shoot things with a giant gun and save the world. But hey nobody's perfect.

OMG I need to catch up on Secret Circle.

Also, True Blood finale was made of WTF. I think this was a good season setting up a fun fun fun next season but I still sort of wish we could have just timeskipped to next season because I need more Russel Edgington in my life. In a Post-Russel Edgington World, with Russel Edgington! AND STEVE NEWLIN HAS FANGS OMFG. He is going to be the most enthusiastic mass-murdering vampire ever to unlive. You can totally tell he's just swapped sides. Him and Russell will totally be besties and murder zillions of people and be happy and perky and obnoxious.

I sort of hope his wife gets to stake him.


I just watched Beastly and I Am Number Four back-to-back which was WAY TOO MUCH ALEX PETTYFER.

Beastly was as awful as I expected it to be. Except that when they made Alex Pettyfer ugly they just sort of made him look kind of badass and like he'd had some kind of accident that had left him bald and with multiple cuts? And also tattoos. So he sort of looks like a punk badass who had gotten an ironic flower tattoo on his arm. Then he un-uglied and I was like "Wow for the first time this story ends with a downgrade? Idgi?"

I Am Number Four made slightly more sense than I expected but mostly I just want that dog (OMG SHERRIFF BULLOCK was there too!).

Oh and also this thing:

MY HARRY POTTER HUSBAND... sry rl!hubs? )
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We went to see Thor tonight. I admit it, I adored it. I ate my popcorn and slurped my drink and watched shiny people do shiny things that exploded other things and there were ice giants and rainbow bridges and pretty people and TITUS PULLO OMG and then Anthony Hopkins said things, so really what more does any movie need? 

Also, Thor is really yummy. I giggled at some of the stupid jokes, too. Oh, and Natalie Portman was there but no one cared. I'll hand it to her though she actually showed emotion this time. I mean mostly it was "Wow you're hot" at Thor and I don't think any straight human female would be capable of hiding that reaction anyway so mostly she got paid to give the right lines and do what most girls would have been doing anyway, which is say things while quite obviously trying to not think about how much they wanted to lick Thor.

AT least, that would have been what I would have been doing. I mean, not that I am all of Womankind or anything but I'm pretty sure I'm not in a minority on that reaction.

Then again I'm also a girl who would dearly love to do censored things with Daenerys Targaryen. Yes, more than Khal Drogo. I'm sorry, she's hot and I'm straight but... well. I'd be unstraight for that. I mean, if you said I had to choose between a night with Dany or one with Jaime Lannister, that might dissolve me into straight up tears and then I'd flip a coin and... ok no, I'd got with Jaime cause he's snarky and snarky is hot.

Oh, anyway, I was talking about Thor, right? Yeah. Thor was cool. I liked the Frost Giants. And the Rainbow Bridge. Asgard looks awesome and  I would totally live in Asgard and hang out with Viking God Pullo (NO idea what his name was but it's Ray Stevenson so like I would give a damn). Weirdly though I was most fascinated by the bridge guardian... Heimdall? I just had to wikipedia that... It also tells me that Ray Stevenson was Volstagg. I'll pretend I was totally listening when the movie told me that.


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