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5am is not the time to go "hey want to feel something sharp and stabbing?" Like for reals. Knock that shit off. I need to like.. function tomorrow/today, ok? UGH. You have the worst scheduling. You're just pissed that brain gets more attention than you do, I know it. Don't be jealous, hooker.

In other news, Richard Greene is still my Robin Hood for now and always and his voice makes everything better and I love him and I need all the seasons of Robin Hood like yesterday. And I DO NOT CARE THIS SHOW WAS MADE IN THE FIFTIES. It's still a bazillion times better than that new shiny sucky one, that even Richard Armitage's smoking hotness could not salvage.

Robin Hood doesn't wear guyliner and he doesn't have an emo hair cut and Marian is NOT that useless. Marian can shoot arrows as good as Robin and she can outscheme Prince John and she is EPIC and friends with Eleanore of Aquitaine and I LOVE MARIAN AND THAT, SIR , Is NOT MY MARIAN.

Also, stupid new Robin didn't sound like Richard Green and make me think of warm summers and perfect chivalry and sunny forest days with soft breezes and songs over firelight and riding under the stars and having grand adventures that don't involve anyone dying unless they deserve it and... and...  I LOVE YOU RICHARD GREEN. *CRIES* You were totally an awesome knight and you're going to save King Richard and we'll all live happy Saxon Peasant lives with no plague and no one dying and lots of venison and cute inkeepers' daughters and swanky castles and easily-outwitted lawmen and a very fox-looking Sheriff. And we will save Queen Eleanor's jewels or rescue Maid Marian or get rescued by Maid Marian (like seriously! I love this show cause it may be 1950s land but she damn well rescues them like... LOTS actually), or the young Prince Arthur, or a couple of kids who run away, or... or we'll go bother Friar Tuck, and maybe he'll shelter runaway lovers who just want to get maaaaried, and they will get over the border to Wales and be married and not hanged, and all the peasants will have food and dance and it will be awesome. All the time.

Another crime of stupid new Robin was sucky clothes. At least old Robin was made in the fifties with like five dollars for a budget and luckily was shot on 1950s film so you really can't see that much detail anyway. I love it. And Old Maid Marian's dresses at least looked medieval. IDEK what was up with that crap they put New Marian in.

What? Other girls watch chick flicks when they're unhappy, I watch obscure 1950s British Robin Hood and sing along with its ridiculously goofy yet hard to ignore songs (Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen... Robin Hood, Robin Hood with his band of men! Feared by the rich, loved by pooooor, Robin Hood, Robin Hooooood....) Don't judge, ppl. Don't judge.

Could be worse. I could watch Princess Tutu again. Or oooh... ROME. I'd watch True Blood but can't take Sookie right now... omg, pills, please kick in...

Also how can anyone love Lena Heady's hair in Game of Thrones??! 


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