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So we were out shopping and wandered into this Accessories City place, and lo had sparkles descended from the heavens... And suddenly my persona who has been like silent and showing no signs of life at all was suddenly in my head like "You see those GIANT table-cut fakelyfakefake things... that's totally period for me. FOR ME. NOW." 

I fought her off mostly but I still ended up with this giant sparkley cross that has this really cool blue and orange-ish stones on it. Which is hideously tacky by modern eyes but the blue-orange thing is pretty rocking in late 15th century Italian portraiture. Though to be fair blue-orange is pretty common in 21st century movies too (HAI, TRANSFORMERS). 

But. What I really want to wear it with is a brown cotehardie which is not period to 1490s Rome in the slightest, but is totes practical for 2011 Lilies War. It's either that or I'll talk myself into a brown linen Italian 1490s gown. Which... let's be real. It's me. It could happen. 

So... ordering up some brown linen post haste. 

I just need to figure out where the hell all the trim went to. And my other sewing projects. Are they still in HomeTown? Did they disappear into the terrifying vortex that is the bedroom atm? Because I just found my cotehardie pattern in the bedroom and I don't remember bringing it down... so there's that quandry. 
I still haven't finished my 2nd pink dress yet. Or my white underdress that I spent last Lilies working on...  
Also, if I'm making a dress or having one made... I have no idea if I want to do it right now. Like maybe I should set that as a goal. Lose those 4 inches off your waist again, then you get a pretty new SCA  dress... On the other hand, medieval dresses really don't care if you lose some weight. They're easy to take in... Not Italian Ren dresses though. Italian Ren dresses are like 'fuck you, get a new dress. I'm for womenz who has babies, bitch." 
BUT if I make it a brown medeival dress, with tight sleeves, I can finally wear the gorgeous surcoat I've had forever and never worn because it doesn't go with a single damn other thing in my SCA wardrobe... 
Yeah, I put this much thought into it. Imagine what it's like when I'm worrying about my actual real life wardrobe. 
Speaking of, why is Clinique the only make up company that makes lip scrub still?? I had the poor lady going to every brand in Sephora and that was the only one. Not that I mind. I like Clinique, but still. 

Ok. Going to bed. It's 4am. My sartorial agonies can totally continue tomorrow- after dragging Brynden fabric shopping. And maybe to the movies. We'll see. 


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