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Meanwhile, my stomach and I made peace. And then I ate something and now it hates me again. Y U BE LIKE DIS?? WHYYYY??

So I'm watching Top Gear and making notes about vampires and ideas about vampire/human relationships and a list of why it's a horrible idea and also there is this:

Also, thanks [personal profile] dwg cause now I sort of want to read Knight Moves. >.> I need to see someone about my masochistic need to see bad movies/read bad books.

Oh, speaking of:

MONSTER ARK. On Syfy. Last night. OMFG. It wasn't Sharktopus but I kind of love it for the whole Noah's Staff Is a SuperWeapon thing. Also, Noah is God or something. IDEK.
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Hey commentalypse made it to SF_Drama!

Meanwhile, she's still deleting. Eventually I will get bored of giggling at random orphan comments, but I have Nyquil and there's not anything on tv until Grimm.
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soo... I've officially made about a squillion comments on [ profile] bad_rpers_suck last night/today. Look at my choices. *hangs head in shame*

It's not my fault! This chick made this post and then she realized she had become the hunted and back-pedaled only to realize that only made the mockery worse so she started deleting comments because somehow she can't figure out how to delete a post or something... And it was a game seeing which comments would still be there when you refreshed, and then it was funny and then it was addicting in a strange way, like minesweeper and jeweldrop but with lj posts...

And somehow you end up with the Commentocalypse: 4000+ comments being deleted from one post and I think it's gone on for like 10 hours at this point. o__O


I admire the original poster's dedication, in a make-no-sudden-moves kind of way. But oh my god, the lolz that BRPS sometimes provide. Internet wank, never change.


Sep. 30th, 2011 07:35 am
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Chickens Should Not Be Sexy

That chicken is so 'shopped. How can plastic be sexy?
Yeah. Ok. I cannot even keep the sarcasm going on this.

Keep it real, PETA. Keep it real. You're fighting the real battle there.
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You are watching Disney's Rapunzel and see her parent's heraldry and realize that Rapunzel is one spear short of being a Martell.
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Like laughed til I had a headache.

This girl is my hero and I worship her and Brynden is probably REALLY GLAD our anniversary is months away.
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I really shouldn't be giggling SO HARD about getting emails from twitter titled with: 

Jaime Lannister is now following you on Twitter! 

AND YET. Still giggling.

Jon Snow is following me too. lolz.

Oh, GoT fandom, I LOVE YOU SFM.
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weepingcock, how I have missed thee.
I'm never watching Little Mermaid again. (material is nsfw. or for sanity, tbh)

I mean, I'm pretty sure this was written by a troll and Babelfish cooperating, but... "Holy mother of god, Triton's flacid dick is full of sea sponges" may be some kind of new phrase... I'm not sure...


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