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We went to see Spiderman tonight and it was pretty good. Spiderman wasn't ever my favorite super hero (I liked Batman and the X-MEn) but this movie was worth the watch and had an awesome cast. And it washed away the hideous memory of the last trilogy (I still hope Kirsten Dunst fired whoever told her to do those movies).

The main level of the house is slowly coming together. Sort of. More or less. >.> As long as you ignore the mountain of packing paper slowly avalanching over the family room.

Today I discovered there are spiders in the basement. So now I'll have to do laundry in boots. Tuesday I discovered the dryer had decided to shuffle off its heating coil so I've been drying things out on the deck. Hey, it's a heatwave out there anyway so I might as well cut down the electricity bill anyway, right?

And I found a new brand of cleaners at the grocery store- the brand is IQ and it's made of sustainable, eco-friendly stuff and after you buy the bottle you just get refill packs. So far the glass cleaner and all-purpose cleaners work great and they smell awesome without causing me any asthmatic issues so I am happy.

The only really super annoying thing going on was me having to find new doctors, dentists, optometrists, all that stuff. Optometry was pretty easy, and I am getting new contacts ordered already! The dentists on the other hand... ARGH. I called THREE dentists today during their hours as posted on their websites and even one of them as spoken to me by the cheery little answering machine.... NOT ONE OF THEM WAS OPEN/ANSWERING PHONES. WTAF??! One, okay I get that, two sure bad luck, but three...? Was today some Dentist Holiday? I'm going to try three others tomorrow and if none of them answer either I am giving up and trying that stupid 1800Dentist thing.

Of course, one of the optometry places had a receptionist who couldn't be bothered to check which insurances they take... Because that's a great business practice.

Yeah, I'm super boring this week. You'd seriously not believe the angst-fit I had on Tuesday when the dryer wouldn't work. I'm kind of blaming the stress from the move because with Brynden being at drill and working longer hours with everything I am kind of unpacking and arranging and sorting by myself and tbh a lot of the stuff is not mine it's his and it just sort of feels weird still to paw through his stuff.
... Not weird enough that I won't do it, of course. I mean someone has to go throw out all his old socks or hide the ugly shirts in the depths of the giant closet.... pointedly dump any undesirable decorations in the man-cave... all that stuff.

Oh, and I started watching Dallas. DON'T JUDGE ME. It's actually... sort of fun. Soapy stupid ridiculous fun. But I'll be honest and admit to having watched the old one when TNT used to rerun it. OMG Lucy showed up! For five seconds. I liked Lucy and her stupid spoiled teenage antics on the old show. Also I hate Christopher. I get that he's supposedly the 'good one' but ugh he's so damn sanctimonious that I'd prefer Elena and what's-her-name just hook up and collectively walk out on him. Or strike up a ridiculous menagee trois with John Ross. He's more fun anyway. Srsly. He was getting kinda kinky in the sex tape thing. >.>

Speaking of ridiculous family dynasties...

POLITICAL ANIMALS. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS???! IT'S CAESAR!!! Um, well, Ciaran Hinds anyway, and he's un-married to Sigourney Weaver and seducing starlets and drinking. And Sigourney is being the better version of Hilary Clinton and wants to be president, and it's awesome. I really only turned it on out of idle curiosity but homg the first episode was amazing and I now have to watch the next one.


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