Sep. 2nd, 2012 05:16 pm
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Omg so: http://www.houzz.com/ is the most addicting home decor thing ever. I keep obsessively looking at squillions of pictures of rooms and sorting them into look books. It's like Polyvore for interior design ACK.

On the bright side it's actually giving me some visual ideas of what the hell to do to help out mom's house... and some of our house too. I may or may not already be starting a worksheet to calculate prices for redoing our giant bathroom- not major redo, obviously, but the tile is in need of fixing anyway and I hate the vanity with the passion of a thousand suns now that I've tried to put up with it on a daily basis. Seriously I have never fantasized about taking a sledge hammer to anything until this vanity happened (the drawers stick and I swear the mirrors are not level and it takes up all this space but its interior doesn't work for organizing anything-- I could go on, so I won't). But it's like I said when we bought the house: I'd rather have to redo this bathroom than make this bathroom. So some new tile, maybe a new floor, new vanity, and hell why not paint while we're at it. And then we're good. >.>

My single attempt at Craigslist furniture so far has failed. :( I guess I will continue with thrift store and garage sales.

I'm redoing this one wicker chest of drawers and I'm trying to decide if I should spraypaint it brown maybe... I need to start doing pics, I know. I'm just lazy.
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