Aug. 3rd, 2011 12:59 am
summersdream: (all by myself)
First off, thank heavens for amazing people who are amazing friends and don't mind coming to the rescue when things go insane.

Brynden and I were in the City, on the INTERSTATE, and right as we took the exit onto I-70 a guy in front of us realized he wanted to be taking that exit, cut across three lanes and didn't see us until it was too late. We hit in very nearly a T-bone shape. Brynden had hit the brakes but I don't think the other guy had, because our car like... sling-shotted over into the exit lane again, barely missing the guard rail and went a ways up the exit.

There were people behind us who stopped and like, had 911 called and were helping before I'd even figured out how to get my seatbelt off again. Because sometimes in life, people are awesome.

But yeah, breath knocked out of me from the seatbelt, but once I could breathe again, pretty much realized I was okay, and Brynden was... well except from the fact the truck had hit on his side and his neck has ended up being stiff as hell, and his shoulder... but all in all that's really pretty good for what happened. The kid in the truck was okay too, and apologized a zillion times, and was all "It was my fault." I felt bad for him- like hi, I'm me, god knows I have had my share of wtf was I thinking moments too.

Except once the dust settled and the cops were there and the paramedics left and the tow trucks started hooking stuff up...

MY CAR. Carlotta. D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

At least she died in battle, I guess. She went out and did good- we weren't hurt.

Of course we were in The City and hours from my family or his but luckily SCA family was closer at hand and I called like the first person in my phone, Randa, who is one of the most epic people to panic at because she's pretty much indomitable like that.

So she and Jaime came up and picked Brynden and I up off the side of the road like the grown up orphans we were. We ended up staying with them until Monday too because rental car companies don't do weekends. GRRRR

Insurance had to wait til Monday too... and oh, ahahahaha the police report? Yeah, them thar cityfolk police don't do police reports until like 10 days later. *Facepalm* But I won't blame the cops themselves who were really awesome and competent and much more relaxed once no one was dying, dead, or unpleasant at them.

So basically it was awful, but people were not awful and I love Jaime and Randa and owe them a frillion times over because they are awesome and I want to be like Randa when I grow up.

Seat belt bruises really really hurt. I also look like someone beat me with something at the waist... I think it was the buckle? I have a cool bruise on my knee from the dashboard. But apparently my body does not feel the need to ever be tossed around like a ragdoll at 50+ mph. Who knew?

I feel worse for Brynden but at least they gave him pain pills that work on him this time.


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