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... I think I blanked most of this out of my brain, tbh.

I am at once eager for the next season and yet fairly certain I'm going to just be there for naked guys. >.> 

But omg I forgot about Pam breaking my heart. And Jason. Those parts were good.

And at least Aunt Petunia's gone.

But still. ... this show. I forgot how utterly nuts it is. I NEED SPARTACUS BACK IN MY LIFE. I am forgetting what insane tv is like.

Also I need to sleep but I can't breathe when I lay down. Urgh I hate asthma. :/
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Watching s3 now via Netflix and have decided to be a responsible grown-ass person and beg Brynden to torrent s4 for me so I can has it without waiting after I finish s3.


OMG MiBs may find this and arrest me. Oh wellz. Jax Teller is totes worth this.


Ok anyway, s3 of Sons of Anarchy is so far awesome because there are IRISH PEOPLE KILLING PEOPLE. AND PRIESTS.

And also per capita their shoot-out quotient has gone waaay up. Like damn are they buying bullets by the kilo? WHY DO I LOVE THESE PEOPLE SO MUCH? I THINK IT IS ALL THE SHOOTING. ITS LIKE THE UNIT WITH LESS STUPID MANUFACTURED WIFE!ANGST (srsly why didn't you just leave that bs on Army Wives, people??!).

Bobby Elvis was married to someone named Precious. NO. REALLY. IT IS HER NAME. AND SHE IS ANGRY.

TRIXIE! From Deadwood! She's Irish! OMG.

I love Clay. Even if I keep wishing he'd get giant and turn red and shoot things with a giant gun and save the world. But hey nobody's perfect.

OMG I need to catch up on Secret Circle.

Also, True Blood finale was made of WTF. I think this was a good season setting up a fun fun fun next season but I still sort of wish we could have just timeskipped to next season because I need more Russel Edgington in my life. In a Post-Russel Edgington World, with Russel Edgington! AND STEVE NEWLIN HAS FANGS OMFG. He is going to be the most enthusiastic mass-murdering vampire ever to unlive. You can totally tell he's just swapped sides. Him and Russell will totally be besties and murder zillions of people and be happy and perky and obnoxious.

I sort of hope his wife gets to stake him.


I just watched Beastly and I Am Number Four back-to-back which was WAY TOO MUCH ALEX PETTYFER.

Beastly was as awful as I expected it to be. Except that when they made Alex Pettyfer ugly they just sort of made him look kind of badass and like he'd had some kind of accident that had left him bald and with multiple cuts? And also tattoos. So he sort of looks like a punk badass who had gotten an ironic flower tattoo on his arm. Then he un-uglied and I was like "Wow for the first time this story ends with a downgrade? Idgi?"

I Am Number Four made slightly more sense than I expected but mostly I just want that dog (OMG SHERRIFF BULLOCK was there too!).

Oh and also this thing:

MY HARRY POTTER HUSBAND... sry rl!hubs? )
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I am dearly starting to miss Maryann Forrester. Hate on her all you will, I will take a kick ass orgiastic maenad crazytalking me over SEX NARNIA. I mean seriously what else do you call that? Open the door of the shower and you are in a magical fairy woodland winter and there's a clearing and we are like one lamppost short of the Lantern Waste and I can only imagine what kind of awesome statuary Jadis could have made of naked Eric and Sookie... and btw, Jadis turning them to stone would totally have been more entertaining and lest god-awful goofy to watch than "WE ARE THE SUN!" ot what the fuck ever that was.

Alan Ball, I know you think that was entertaining but no it was not. Please to be knocking that shit off.

And that last episode? How stupid is the Witch War going to get, anyway? How was Sookie healed when five seconds ago Beeel is all "She is naht takin mah bloahd." ??

How did a Bill/Eric/Sookie v-dream tun into the lamest thing to ever lame itself across my screen? I mean, I know it's a handicap anytime Bill's there instead of Alcide's naked torso (which is at least a bonus to these last two wtf episodes)...

When I'm starting to like Debbie MAH COOTER Pelt over most of the cast... c'mon bebes, we gotsa problem.

Mavis does not interest me. Nor does glowing chakra Lafayette.

Marnitonia's (Antarney?) plan is sort of interesting .Also she is creepy. Necromancy is creepy. But she is still doing it BETTER THAN ANITA BLAKE. So I give her some credit right there.  I hate you, Anita Blake. Anyway, back to my original omfgwtafzombies rant...

Can we please have unlame wiccans now? Why are all these the lame wiccans?

OH, and I AM STARTING TO MISS STEVE NEWLIN. Btw, subtle of you writers to be periodically sticking in tv snippets of reporters talking about the missing Newlin. Oooh, foreshadowing! Of something far more interesting than this stupid witch thing which should be awesome but is not for reasons I cannot comprehend other than you are all getting so into WHERE ARE HOYT'S PANTS and JESSICA LIKES TAYLOR SWIFT AND TWILIGHT and .. and... OH I JUST CANNOT WITH THIS OKAY? I am not amused with Arlene's whacky hijinks. I like Lafayette better as Lafayette altho watching him play a woman in Lafayette's body was cool.

Good point: SAMMY IS CREEPY LIKE CREEPY THINGS. And you do knwo what I mean by Sammy right? Those weird times when Sam is actually Tommy and you can entirely tell he is Tommy and it's awesome acting but so weird.

Now, can Tommy skinwalk Alcide so we can have TWO NAKED/SEMINAKED ALCIDES AT ALL TIMES?
What? I'm shallow. I blame the show for always making Alcide naked or stripping to become naked at all times.

Also Debby can take Tomcide and Alcide can go be awesome somewhere where only Alcide's chest and Eric and Pam and Lafayette hang out. Nan will sometimes visit and be bitchy and Jessica will guest star.

Dear Marcus, I am sorry but your Alpha!skillz are nothing compared to Alcide's giantness. Like... just give up. He is the once and future packmaster. Just saying. Also I get it, wolves mate for life or some bullshit and all but you are lame and your ex-wife is a skinwalker and maybe that should weird you out more than it obviously does. Because dude do you get that she can TURN INTO YOU? She can kill you and then BE YOU so the cops don't think you are dead?

Also I have decided my perfectest TV crack would somehow combine Game of Thrones, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy and Deadwood.So it would sort of be like post-apocalyptic steampunk vampire and werewolf and wereperson bikers fighting evil Fellowship of the Sun Mayans while the fairies played games of high politics in their Kings Landing style court. Possibly while everyone dressed like it was 1923, and things would continually explode and people would die in horrifyingly interesting ways and/or be naked on an almost constant basis.

You're welcome for that awesome image.


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